Spring workshop registration now open!

Registration is now open for our the spring Demystifying Digital Humanities workshops, which focus on project ideation and development. If you're thinking about developing a digital humanities project, or even just want to learn more about the tools that you might use, then these workshops will help you explore your options.

You can register through the Catalyst survey here:


Our spring workshops focus on project development — you can see the details below. Please note, due to the Easter weekend holiday, these workshops will be held one week apart, on April 5th and 12th.

April 5th, 9:30a.m.-1:00p.m.: Big Project; Small Project: Steps in Ideation and Development: This workshop takes you step by step through the work of developing a project, and growing it, and learning how to present what you're doing while you work: at conferences, workshops, and in scholarship/grant applications. We'll also talk about project management software, and the decision making process for learning new skills, and finding collaborators.

April 12th, 9:30-a.m.-1:00p.m.: Available Tools: Free, Cheap, and Premium: This workshop is all about finding the tools out there that you can use to get started. We'll talk about what the UW makes available (more software than you may have realized!), and the features you need to look for and be aware of when you choose to use a particular tool.

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