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Autumn Workshops posts contain the content that we discussed at the workshops themselves. As the year goes on, you’ll see Winter and Spring workshop categories as well.

Workshop 2 Slides Available

Here are the slides for tomorrow’s workshop:

Slides for Workshop 1 (10/18/14)

The slides from our first autumn workshop (10/18) are now available:

We would like to thank our attendees, who brought great energy to a Saturday morning workshop! Your questions and comments were wonderful, and I invite you to post the links we discussed in the comments for posterity.

This workshop functions as an overview of the digital humanities, including various attempts to define it, an introduction to our DH values, and various methods of analyzing established DH projects before inventing one on the fly as a group.

Slides for DMDH Workshop #2: Managing and Professionalizing Your Online Professional Identity

Here are the slides for tomorrow’s workshop:


Workshop #1 Slides: What is DH, and Why Does It Matter?

Edited: see below for minor updates.

Here are the slides for the first workshop for 2013-14!

They’re also available as a PDF.


Additions: One of the projects that participants looked at during the workshop was the AutoBlake Twitter account. More information about that Twitter account, created by Roger Whitson, is available through his post (and talk for ICR 2013), “autoblake: repurposing Blake’s approach to critical making as a research methodology”.

Also, here’s the Simpson Center CFP for funding to attend DHSI at the University of Victoria in June 2014. We should also note that funding is available through DHSI itself — info is at the DHSI Scholarship page.