Play with Your Data Session: A Workshop on “R” for Humanists

Many digital humanists are discovering the power and flexibility of “R.” DMDH is fortunate to have Leigh Fisher, a graduate student in BioStatistics, lead this workshop and help to field questions. We've also recently begun an informal survey circulating on Twitter in an effort to gather information about how humanists are using R, and as a way to investigate the many ways in which it is implemented in course instruction or taught through workshops like ours.

Because R does have a steep learning curve, our workshop is intended to be only an introduction to R's basic functionality and interdisciplinary applications. A link to the slides can be found at the bottom of this post. In addition to these slides, you'll find a short, yet immensely useful, list of resources for further instruction and inquiry, with the most strongly recommended being Coursera's 4-week course on R taught by two professors from John Hopkins's Department of Biostatistics, which is a part of their data science certificate program.

Useful links:


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